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The Town of Yates & the Village of Lyndonville are very pleased to announce the re-opening of the E-Waste Recycling Station.

Acceptable materials
Computers (desktops & laptops); industrial controls; printers (ink or toner); computer accessories (mice, keyboards, webcams, speakers, microphones, etc.); computer monitors (crt, lcd, led); televisions (crt, lcd, led, plasma, 3d); microwave ovens (non pcb); copiers/fax machines; typewriters; telephones; cell phones & chargers; gps units; pagers; pda’s; tablets; answering machines; mp3 players; scanners; radios/boomboxes/cd players etc.; storage devices (external hard drives, solid state drives, sd cards, memory cards, card readers, etc.); audio equipment (speakers, micorphones, dj equipment, receivers, recording devices, headphones, etc.); video equipment (cameras, video cameras, web cams, recording devices, etc.); communications equipment; medical testing equipment; laboratory equipment; circuit boards; cables, wires, power cords, power strips; rechargeable dry cell batteries (nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion)

Unaccepatable materials
Devices containing liquid mercury (thermostats, switches, medical devices, thermometers); freon containing devices/materials (refrigerators, air conditioners, de-humidifiers); household hazardous waste materials; materials containing liquids; yard equipment; gas powered equipment; items leaking fluid; radioactive materials; pcb containing materials; large appliances (stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers); dry cell batteries (absolyte, alkaline, mercury, zinc air with mercury, lithium primary, lithium thionyl chloride, button cells, lead acid gel); wet cell batteries (zinc air, zinc air with mercury, nickel iron, nickel cadmium)

Please note - Garbage pickup in the towns of Yates & Lyndonville is on Monday.


E-Waste Recycling Station
Hours: 8am - 3pm Monday through Saturday

Located next to the Village DPW behind the Lyndonville Fire Station.

Financed by Orleans County.

New York State E-Waste Recycling Website

Modern Disposal Garbage Pick-up FAQ's & Resources


Recycling Program Info

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