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2016 Town Board Agendas

  • 122816-Dec-28-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 120816-Dec-08-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 110816-Nov-10-2016-November-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 110716-Nov-11-2016-Workshop-Agenda.pdf
  • 101316-Oct-13-2016-Town Board Agenda.pdf
  • 090816-Sept-9-2016-Town Board Agenda.pdf
  • 081116-Aug-11-2016-August Town Board Agenda.pdf
  • 071416-Jul-14-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 060916-Jun-9-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 051216-May-12-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 041416-Apr-14-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 031016-Mar-10-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf
  • 021116-Feb-2-2016-Town-Board-Agenda.pdf

    The Town Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Town Hall.

    8 South Main Street, Lyndonville, NY 14098

    The Town Supervisor is available on Fridays at the Town Hall from 4:30 - 6:00pm or by appointment.


    Town of Yates, Orleans County, New York
    8 South Main Street   Phone: (585) 765-9716
    PO Box 484   Fax: (585) 765-2961
    Lyndonville, NY 14098   Email Us
    Yates NY, Lake Ontario

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